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Criminal Minds
Update today:
The Thunder Rolls by ilovetvalot Rating: T Status: In Progress

Summary: When the past invades the present, the ramifications may turn out to be far worse than Ashley Seaver ever imagined. For those interested, this is our twist on Ashley Seaver's backstory. SEVENSHOT.

An Unexpected Miracle by TigerLily888 Rating: M Status: In Progress

Summary: Hotch goes to Paris for a conference and bumps into Emily. What
happens next? Spoilers for "Lauren". Romance rated M for explicit bedroom
scenes in later chapters.

The Tudors

The Last Journey of Henry VIII by Aragon85 Rating: K+ Status: In Progress

ummary: King Henry's death is looming, his throne in the hands of his son but
a mysterious figure emerges from the shadows sent to show Henry the errors of
his ways. Follow Henry on his journey from his past to his children's future.
Tags: criminal minds, tudors
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