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Criminal Minds
Updated Today:

I Messed Up by phoebe9509 Rating: T Status: In Progress

Summary: Hotch is shot and in an instant Emily confesses her feelings. How
will Hotch take it?

The Thunder Rolls by ilovetvalot Rating: T Status: In Progress

Summary: When the past invades the present, the ramifications may turn out to
be far worse than Ashley Seaver ever imagined. For those interested, this is
our twist on Ashley Seaver's backstory. SEVENSHOT.

Hey! I Have Fans! by Please.Insert.Name Rating: T Status: In Progress

Summary: Emily finds out the hard way that searching for your name in the FBI
records is not a good idea. Will include the whole team from various POV's.

The Tudors
Updated today:
A Better Future by Lia06 Rating: T Status: In Progress

Summary: Charles Brandon, a widower with three young children, marries
sixteen-year-old Mary Tudor shortly before her father declares his marriage to
her mother invalid. What began as a marriage of convenience gradually turns
into something else.
Tags: criminal minds, fanfiction, tudors
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